The idea to start tackling interiors differently first came about during a walk into a strong headwind on Scheveningen beach: Cees and Barry were completely done with furniture discounters and interior jewellers. Create a little STORM in the interior world, that was their intention!

Cees van der Maarel and Barry van der Hoeven’s education, experience and empathy are an absolute guarantee for an extraordinary, contemporary and appropriate interior concept. For literally anyone. A look at their background:

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Cees van der Maarel

After completing his Economics degree, Cees developed into a Master Binder, the highest attainable in floral art. That’s where his passion lies. He is inspired by nature and this is often the foundation for many of the ambiance concepts. With more than 30 years of experience in the event industry ( www.vandermaarel.nl ), Cees has managed to translate his expertise for use in the interior market.

Cees is naturally very interested, creative and, at the same time, pragmatic too. He is also a perfectionist, fully aware that details matter. Agreed is agreed and absolutely everything is done to satisfy the client’s requirements. That’s what characterises Cees.

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Barry van der Hoeven

In addition to interior design, art ( www.barryvanderhoeven.nl ), architecture and travel, Barry absolutely loves people’s life stories. His biggest source of inspiration is the people he has created something for. “Everyone has their own mix of identity, background, experience and ambitions ... and that’s what makes life so fascinating!”

Barry is an industrial designer, something which is evident in the perfect proportions and lines of his designs. He expresses his clients’ identities in unique shapes, colours and materials, making sure an optimal, appropriate atmosphere is created.

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