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durable and
very practical!

Attractive, functional
and maintenance-friendly

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that fits
your budget

Investing in a good
atmosphere ensures
an increased return.

  • it feels like home
  • durable and very practical
  • atmosphere that fits your budget


You go on vacation to "get out", to experience something different.

But it is nice if your holiday home feels warm and welcome.

Feeling at home in another house, that idea. At STORM we understand that and we create interior concepts for those moments.

We connect with the concept and atmosphere of your park, so that the experience inside and outside becomes one whole.

And we do that with a view to good functionality and easy maintenance. For example, a holiday home rents or sells itself!

• "at home" in your holiday home

• the atmosphere of the park and houses are in keeping with each other

• warm, contemporary, well-styled

• functional and maintenance-friendly at the same time

"If you also think that extra attractive homes in your park yield extra returns,
meet up with STORM!"

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