If you decide to update or completely redesign your interior, then you need experienced people to help you freshen things up.

Designers who broaden your horizons, who inspire you. Who do not impose their will, but make something that suits you or your company.

Identity translates into atmosphere, realized in a pleasant environment. We prefer to do that at STORM.

The creators of STORM are Cees van der Maarel and Barry van der Hoeven.

With their heads in the strong wind on the Dutch coast, the idea arose to approach interiors in a different way.

A bit of STORM in the interior world, that was the idea!

They do this together with a professional team of architectural specialists for the floors, walls, ceilings and installation work.

With interior builders and furniture makers for the custom work, and the finishing touch by stylists.

Plus one project manager as a point of contact to ensure that everything runs in a structured way.

"We'll turn things upside down first.
But when the STORM has settled down, then you've got something special!"

Cees van der Maarel
After studying Economics, Cees developed into a Master Binder, the highest attainable in flower arrangements.

This is where his true passion lies. He is inspired by nature and this is often the basis of many atmosphere concepts.

With over 30 years of experience in the event industry (www.vandermaarel.nl), Cees knows how to translate his expertise into the interior market.

Cees is naturally broadly interested, creative and at the same time pragmatic. In addition, he is a perfectionist, knowing that detail matters. A deal is a deal, and everything is done for the customer. That is what characterizes Cees.

Barry van der Hoeven
In addition to interior design, art (www.barryvanderhoeven.nl), architecture and travel, Barry is especially fond of stories from life.

The people he creates something for are his greatest source of inspiration. "Everyone has their own mix of identity, background, experience and ambitions ... and that's what makes life so exciting!"

Barry is an industrial designer, which is reflected in the perfect proportions and lines of his designs.

He expresses the identity of his clients in special shapes, colors and materials, so that an optimal, suitable atmosphere is created.

“At STORM we help you to connect creativity and functionality.
An adventure, but with clear agreements."

At STORM we help you to connect creativity and functionality.

Of course it is best that we get to know each other first.

Tell us in a good conversation what you stand for, what you like, and think along with us!

This creates the best result. Moreover, we are not only beautiful makers: functionality and feasibility are just as important in the design process.

We are also investigating - more and more these days - whether reuse or re-styling of furniture and materials is possible.

Interested in meeting each other when you have the opportunity?
Call Cees 06 50 27 15 64